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While in Poland don’t miss your chance to visit Wadowice, childhood hometown of John Paul ll – where Karol Wojtyła was born, where he was baptized and went to school. Monastery in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (on UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites), the Polish Golgota, a popular pilgrimage destination Łagiewniki with new Centre of John Paul II. Finally, we will see the Archbishop’s Palace which is Wojtyla’s last residence before leaving for the Vatican in 1978. See the famous “papal window”, where thousands of people lit candles and prayed during his last days. You will see places of interest that had an effect on him during his childhood and adolescence years. Tour ends with drop off at Krakow city Center.

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We invite you to discover the history of an exceptional man whose pontificate has a unique place in the recent history of the world, previously the Krakow archbishop Karol Wojtyla, more commonly known as Pope John Paul II. His timeless message sent to people all over the globe is an expression of incredible wisdom and understanding of contemporary issues. Stressing the role of true values – common to different cultures, religions and beliefs and calling up to reconciliation, cooperation and solidarity, Pope John Paul II gained a widespread respect and became a moral authority for millions of people.

At the same time, John Paul II and his pontificate have a special place in the history of the Catholic Church in Poland and abroad. His whole life was an unceasing discovering and loving God and staying faithful to his words, with simultaneous fascination with every human being, their values and dignity. Therefore, as a blessed person he is now designated as a guiding light to the faithful. It is worth knowing him better.

All included: private transport by mini-bus, pick-up and drop-off from your hotel/hostel, tickets to muzeum with eglish speking guide, tour leader assistance 
: Wadowice (home town and muzeum), Monastery in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (UNESCO), Łagiewniki-Sanktuary of Divine Mercy, Center of John Paul II, Bishop’s Palace (with famous “papal window”)
Duration: 6 – 7 h

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