Tour description

Join us on our trip to see fascinating and unique wooden monuments located just to the west of Krakow. The route leads through tranquil, rolling terrain spotted with ornate wooden church turrets dating back centuries. There are also other worthwhile attractions to be found along the way.

These wooden monuments are important remnants of history. Most of them in Malopolska are Catholic and Orthodox churches, whose domes and turrets adorn the country and city landscapes, yet at the same time, look as if taken out of a completely different picture. Very often they stand alone, surrounded only by old trees and stone fences, which seem to confirm their years. Other wooden monuments include manors, palaces, heritage museums and other village and city buildings.

During our trip, we will do our best to bring you closer to these wooden wonders, which serve as a valuable part of Poland’s cultural heritage.

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We invite you to explore the most interesting monuments of wooden architecture to the west of Krakow, belonging to the ‘Trail of Wooden Architecture’.

Itinernary: Kraków  –  Racławice (church) – Paczółtowice (church) – Wygiełzów (open air muzeum) – Mętków (church) – Kraków.
All included: private transport by mini-bus, English speking tour leader assistance, entrance tickets, assistance of English speaking driver
Duration: 6 – 7 h.

Prices - per person

Amount of people: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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Amount of people: 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
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For groups over 16 persons the price is determined individually.
Price for a person in a wheelchair is determined individually - please contact us.

Additional informations

Volunteered donation's in the churches - not included.
Tour available for people in a wheelchair - ask for details.